Folksy Scouts Registration

We’re so excited to welcome a new collective of troops and children for our 2023-2024 year! This year, we have a strong focus on our roots. We pride ourselves on having a program that is unique and different; one based on slowness, sweetness, and intimacy for real relationship-building with peers and leaders, and skill development within our Folksy Foundations.

Please note– our intention is to create a seasonal experience for the children and a relationship-based connection with their troop members and scout leaders. We ask for your commitment for the full scouts season which is October-June. This helps us keep a realistic budget to help support our programs and allows for bonding and a full experience of everything scouting has to offer, including honoring commitments and being a part of a community.

Please consider if this is right for your family and if you’re able to make scouts part of your family rhythm through the fall, winter, and spring before taking a spot in a troop. We understand emergencies happen and things come up, but please consider this commitment before completing your registration. 

If you have any questions – please email hello@thefolksyhouse.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, please fill out 1 form per child registering.